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Fleet management

Easy and secure communications for fleet management solutions. Track vehicles’ status and locations, optimize performance and reduce costs – all while blocking unauthorized access.

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Building Security

Easy and secure communications for security components in and around buildings, with many of the functions necessary for keeping facilities safe: building access control, lock systems, video surveillance, etc.

Remote access enables technicians to perform preventive maintenance.

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Utility Management

Easy and secure solution for the communications links required for retrieving and monitoring data and enabling real-time responses to alarms.

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Video Sources

Regardless of source, the images from video surveillance must be secured and only accessed by authorized users. We provide easy and secure communications, safe from intrusion.  

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ATM & Vending Machines

Easy and secure connection that enables continuous surveillance of communications status. Collect data from remote devices and communicate with them regularly to ensure system health.

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We at AddSecure see IoT as much more than just involving the internet. We create ways to connect systems and tools, transmission paths and devices, but above all, we connect users to opportunities.

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    Connecting things can bring enormous benefits but also can entail risks. Such as in the form of unauthorized access to information or devices. These risks can be low or they can be high – it all depends on how attractive access is to someone else.

    We build upon the philosophy that connecting things that need to communicate should be SECURE and EASY. Traditionally, security is ensured by network technicians, but our AddSecure Link service makes it easy for anyone to manage. We provide the security so you don’t have to.

    Using our Link Manager management portal, users can easily create networks, set up connections and manage user access.